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Welcome to Anyevent Photography Anyevent Photography is a husband-wife photography team. At first, we were shooting only for fun back . . .


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tips n tricks


tips of the day 3wedding with anyevent photography

  • shanana : Make an appointment today : Terms of payment is 30% upon confirmation of booking and 30% after session and 40% during delivery of CD / album. For confirmation, 30% payment need to be made no later than 3 days upon agreement signed. The 30% deposit is not refundable for any cancellation.TQ :-D

tips n tricks


tips of the day 2

  • noalin : very useful tips cz we tend to trust person we known for ages (friends n family members) than to a perfect stranger(photographer).

tips n tricks


tips of the day 1

  • juli dahlan : nice page jidin..wah! hebat dah nie...nie rasa mcm teracun nieee...hehehe...
  • jidin : FuadTopa : Masa aku bagi model pegang Kamera tu......memang risau juga...sebab memang dia tak tahu apa dan nak baling kat aku...seriau juga...tapi sempat la shoot sekeping dua....than ambik balik kamera tu....
  • fuadtopa : tak jatuh ke lense tu jidin... ala masa je yg tak kena. Leh je jumpe...

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  • jidin : Thanks so much azuan....bagi tips memilih wedding fotografer dan juga sharing tentang anyeventphotography.
  • Azuan : Saya suka gambar atas ni. cute. Our pelamin konsep angan2 hehehe